Countless youngsters around the world dream of playing professional basketball. But a large chunk of those are essentially disqualified from achieving that goal because of their height. According to our NBA Players database, there’s been just over 100 people under six-feet tall who have progressed to the NBA since its inaugural season in 1946-47.

This article discusses short players participating in the widely popular NBA dunk contest. In recent years, the contest has consisted of some of the tallest most athletic players that the NBA has had to offer. But every once in a while a short guy comes to steal the show. the article compares the success rate and likeliness of short players winning the dunk contest vs tall players.

Point guard is the one position where players seem to have success without a distinct height advantage. Some of the greatest point guards to ever play the game were 6’2″ or shorter. John Stockton is 6’1″, Allen Iverson is 6’0″ and the consensus best point guard in the league today , Chris Paul is only 6’0″ as well. With that said, the NBA draft is all about upside. Players with superior size and athleticism are often valued higher than smaller players with more polish.

We’ve all been there. The shortest guy on the court. Or at least too short to snatch rebounds from the sequoias vacuuming up all the boards. But hoops isn’t really just a game of the immense. At 5’9”, Nate Robinson has the game to dictate play, night in and night out. And he’s won two slam dunk contests, including jumping over 6’10” Dwight Howard as “KryptoNate” in 2009. In the tradition of Spud Webb and Muggsy Bogues, Nate’s proof that there are advantages to being short on the court. This article talks about the many advantages of being short in basketball.

The following 10 basketball players are extraordinarily short by NBA standards, yet they refused to give up on their dreams. Even in the face of a significant disadvantage, they all went on to play professionally – and a few of them also became coaches after their playing days were over. These 10 stories are sure to motivate, energize and encourage us all to push the limits of what’s possible. Read on to find out about the 10 shortest players in NBA history.