NBA short players doing big things.

This video shows a simulation exhibition game between the NBA’s tallest players ever and the NBA’s shortest players ever. The tall team consist of Gheorge Muresan, Yao ming, Shawn bradley, Mark Eaton, Randy Breuer, and Dikembe Mutombo(all over 7’0). While the short team consist short superstars by the name of Muggsy Bogues, Spud Webb, Isaiah Thomas, Nate Robinson, and Avery Johnson ( all Under 5’10). The game was played to see who would actually win in real life and i think the short players who were obviously the undersized underdogs surprised people when they wee only down by 2 at half time.

Typically don’t hear of Short players doing what the big guys do. Most people 6ft and under probably will never be able to grab the rim in their lifetime. This video is a testament to these short player defying all odds with their athleticism and height showing the taller guys they can ball too.


Height Doesn’t Matter To Excel In Basketball, say NBA stars

This article takes the opinions of a couple of NBA stars on the subject of height playing a role in how effective of a basketball player you can be. Most would say that the NBA is full of players over 6’2 and most of its stars are either or above that height. So it only makes sense to suggest that the standard height to be an effective NBA player is to be extremely tall. But NBA stars, Peja Stojacovic and Horace Grant both near seven-foot tall, both dismissed the notion that short players cant excel in basketball and emphasized that what matters is the passion for the game and willingness to learn.